How to protect your electric scooter from being stolen?

How to protect your electric scooter from being stolen?

Just purchased an electric scooter, and now you’re wondering- how do I keep my electric scooter from being stolen? no matter what you’re riding, everyone seems to be trying to find ways to keep their personal transportation safe.

Electric scooters are a blessing for thousands people, who live in over-populated areas. With the increase of electric scooters across the world’s biggest urban cities, comes a haul that was absolute to occur – theft, wrecking and exploitation of these transportation vehicles.

Sadly, electric scooters are seen as the most accessible properties by street offenders. Here we dive in and answer most typical questions about electric scooter theft prevention, are you able to lock up an electric scooter and best ways to secure it.

Invest in a lock.

Locks are still necessary because they buy you time. If you’re lucky, this time is enough for someone to notice or get the act on camera at least. Don’t rely on your mobile app because they just alert you that the electric scooter is being moved. Even if the wheels lock, it can still be carried away.

Lock manufacturers recommend spending 10% of the value of a bike on a lock. It is still up to you if you’re going to follow the same rule on an electric scooter. Commuter electric scooters can cost up to $1200, which is still a lot of money to lose.

The most reliable and commonly used lock for bikes is the U-lock. There is a rating system that measures the level of security you’ll get. Sold Secure, for example, has gold (highest), silver (a compromise between cost and security), and bronze (for opportunistic thieves). The level of security is equal to the cost. They can vary from $50 – $100+.

I like to begin with the top in mind. Therefore, here may be a list of my top choices for solving this dilemma. Want to dig deeper? keep reading!

Here is our best scooter lock in 2021.


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